Exterior Wooden Gates in Stockport & Manchester

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Gates we supply

We proudly design, manufacture, and install some of the finest handcrafted wooden gates in the country.

At our company, we are committed to offering top-tier outsourced door joinery services to building contractors, with a specialisation in the craftsmanship of wood to complement the aesthetic and functionality of traditional-style homes and more.

Our team is composed of highly skilled artisans, each with extensive experience in joinery, dedicated to handcrafting wooden gates that are not merely functional but are true works of art. Our expertise is in creating bespoke gates tailored to the specific needs and specifications of your projects, ensuring that each piece harmoniously integrates with the architectural design and aesthetics of the homes you are constructing.

We cater to a broad spectrum of requirements, providing everything from majestic Estate-Type Double Gates to practical Double Driveway Gates, efficient Sliding Gates, and inviting Pedestrian Entrance or Side-Gates. Our commitment to luxury and quality is reflected in our choice of materials, including Accoya and Tricoya, renowned for their durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions, ensuring that our gates are not only visually appealing but also enduring and robust.

Our diverse range encompasses sliding, hinged, and pedestrian gates, each blending luxury, security, and convenience to meet the demands of contemporary construction projects. Whether you’re in need of free-swinging gates or fully automated solutions integrated with advanced access control systems, we offer versatile options that enhance security, ease of access, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the properties you develop.

We recognise the importance of maintenance in maintaining the quality and appearance of wooden gates and recommend annual re-coating to protect against the elements. Our dedication to excellence ensures that our joinery products not only enhance the curb appeal of the properties you work on but also stand the test of time, offering lasting beauty and functionality.

Moreover, our gate solutions come with full safety accreditation, ensuring they meet and exceed standard safety measures. This commitment to safety and quality adds value to your projects, offering homeowners peace of mind and confidence in the reliability and security of their investment.

By choosing our joinery services for your projects, you’re opting for a service that merges the elegance of handcrafted woodwork with the strength and security essential for today’s residential properties. Allow us to contribute to the success of your construction projects with our bespoke joinery services.