Exterior Wooden Gates in Stockport & Manchester

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Gates we supply

We proudly design, manufacture, and install some of the finest handcrafted wooden gates in the country.

We take immense pride in crafting some of the nation’s most exquisite wooden gates, a testament to traditional craftsmanship blended with modern functionality. Our commitment extends to providing unparalleled outsourced door joinery services for building contractors, specialising in woodcraft that enhances the beauty and utility of traditional and contemporary homes alike.

Artistry Meets Craftsmanship in Every Gate

Our team, a collective of master artisans with profound joinery expertise, is devoted to creating wooden gates that transcend mere functionality to become standout pieces of art. With a keen eye for bespoke design, we ensure each gate is meticulously tailored to complement the architectural integrity and aesthetic of your projects, offering a seamless blend of style and function.

A Spectrum of Bespoke Gate Solutions

Our offerings are as varied as the needs of the projects you manage, from grand Estate-Type Double Gates that make a statement to pragmatic Double Driveway Gates, versatile Sliding Gates, and welcoming Pedestrian Entrance or Side-Gates. We select premium materials like Accoya and Tricoya for their resilience and weather resistance, guaranteeing our gates are not only striking but also durable.

Innovative Designs for Modern Requirements

Our portfolio includes a range of sliding, hinged, and pedestrian gates, each designed to offer luxury, security, and convenience. Whether your project calls for traditional free-swinging gates or modern automated systems with sophisticated access controls, we provide adaptable solutions that elevate the security and aesthetic appeal of the properties you develop.

Dedication to Longevity and Maintenance

Understanding the importance of upkeep, we advocate for annual re-coating to preserve the gates’ quality and appearance. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our joinery not only enhances the visual appeal of your projects but also withstands the test of time, offering enduring beauty and functionality.

Safety-Accredited Solutions for Peace of Mind

Our gates come with full safety accreditation, meeting and surpassing standard safety protocols. This dedication to safety and quality adds immeasurable value to your projects, assuring homeowners of the reliability and security of their investment.

Choose Excellence in Joinery for Your Projects

Opting for our joinery services means choosing a blend of handcrafted elegance, strength, and security vital for modern residential properties. Let our bespoke wooden gates contribute to the success of your construction endeavours, ensuring each project benefits from our unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication to quality.