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The beauty of bespoke joinery is that each commission is a new journey. The experts at GB Joinery engage clients in the design process, tailoring each element to meet precise specifications.

Custom Facias, Soffits and Mouldings

Within commercial architecture, first impressions are paramount. GB Joinery crafts custom Accoya wood facias, soffits, and mouldings that infuse sophistication into any commercial entity. Their bespoke work is not just about aesthetics; it’s a statement of durability and quality that sets a business apart.

Bespoke Facias: The Face of Your Business 

A façade’s character defines your business’s exterior narrative. GB Joinery’s custom facias are more than mere exterior elements; they’re the bold strokes that paint your company’s image. Each piece is tailored, ensuring that your business presents a unique and compelling frontage to the world.

Soffits: The Underside of Excellence 

Soffits might be underfoot, but their impact soars high. GB Joinery’s custom soffits provide a sleek, finished look to your buildings, reflecting the care and attention to detail that your business embodies. Crafted from premium Accoya wood, these soffits stand up to the elements, symbolising longevity and sustainability.

Mouldings: The Final Touch of Class 

Intricate mouldings are the subtle flourishes that speak volumes. GB Joinery’s custom mouldings add that final touch of class to any commercial exterior, framing your space with an air of distinction. Whether it’s intricate patterns or sleek, modern lines, these details make an indelible impression.

The Accoya Advantage in Commercial Joinery 

Accoya wood is not just another material; it’s an innovation in durability and environmental responsibility. GB Joinery’s choice of Accoya for facias, soffits, and mouldings signifies a commitment to quality that withstands the test of time and nature, making it an ideal investment for the discerning commercial sector.

Investing in Durability, Sustainability, and Style 

Choosing GB Joinery means opting for an investment that pays dividends in both appearance and longevity. Their bespoke Accoya wood products offer unparalleled resistance to the elements, minimal maintenance, and timeless beauty, ensuring that your commercial property not only stands out but also sustains its allure for years to come.

Stairways: Ascending in Style

Arguably, stairways are among the most visually commanding aspects of a structure. GB Joinery specialises in turning this architectural necessity into a statement piece. Through masterful design and unparalleled craftsmanship, they create staircases that are stunning, durable, and perfectly aligned with the client’s vision.

Commercial Spaces Redefined

In the commercial sector, the ambiance can influence client perceptions and employee productivity. Custom joinery plays a pivotal role in this, offering designs that seamlessly blend functionality with finesse. From bespoke reception desks that make a solid first impression to custom conference tables that command authority and respect, these pieces are more than furniture; they are a reflection of business acumen.

Quality That Speaks

When it comes to joinery, quality is non-negotiable. GB Joinery is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards, selecting premium materials, and adopting meticulous processes. This commitment is evident in the fine details and enduring structures of each piece they produce, standing the test of time and use.

Sustainability in Craftsmanship

Today’s market holds craftsmen to a higher standard, particularly regarding environmental responsibility. GB Joinery meets this demand head-on, ensuring sustainable practices in sourcing materials and crafting furniture. This eco-conscious approach is not just ethical; it adds a layer of respectability and modern relevance to each piece.

Your Vision, Masterfully Crafted

With GB Joinery, ideas transform into tangible pieces of artistry. Whether it’s a sweeping staircase that captures the essence of elegance or innovative furniture solutions for a corporate setting, their bespoke joinery services are where visions are realised, and everyday spaces become extraordinary.

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